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As a pensioner, I even got to trial new top-up aids for two weeks.

Ilma Johnson with audiologist Melanie Atkinson

Over the years I had been to two other hearing places before I decided to try Brad Hutchinson Hearing.  What I found was there was just no comparison between Brad’s hearing company and the others, and I feel that everyone should understand that before making a booking anywhere else.

Nothing seems too much trouble for the staff at Brad’s company.  The attention to detail, the time, the care and the quality of service and their attitude towards their clients is just incredible.  They take whatever time is necessary to explain to me all the details of what I need to know, and I have never been so happy with my aids before.  As a pensioner, I even got to trial new top-upaids for two weeks before deciding whether or not to purchase them.

I have no hesitation at all in recommending Brad Hutchinson Hearing to anyone with hearing problems.

Ilma Johnson


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