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At last, a set of hearing aids that are in my ears and not the drawer!

Photo:Lang Lefroy from Toodyay, with audiologist Melanie Atkinson.

I have an industrial hearing loss and tinnitus from 30 years of farming noise, and it didn’t help that I enjoyed motorcycles and road bikes.  I’d tried hearing aids before but they didn’t help my hearing troubles, and I’d become pretty disillusioned about ever getting any help.  By August 2015 I’d reached the point of absolute frustration and all I wanted was some peace from my tinnitus, even for a short time each day.

That’s when I met Melanie from Brad Hutchinson Hearing and trialled the new technology, which is amazing.  Mel programmed the hearing aids to help with my hearing problems:  I can’t recommend her highly enough.  My wife Cindy and I can actually have conversations, and I know what the server at Subway is asking me when she wants to know what sort of cheese I want with my foot-long roll.  Life doesn’t get much better than that.

At the end of my 2 week trial I told Mel she wasn’t getting my hearing aids back.  I’ve never looked back, and I want to recommend anyone with hearing problems to go and see Mel :  she exudes great passion towards helping to improve the lives of many by opening the lines of communication through the gift of hearing.

Lang Lefroy from Toodyay


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