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Hearing aids have revolutionised my life

Ron Kinkela with Brad Hutchinson

My name is Ron Kinkela and I am very happy to be wearing new hearing aids that have absolutely revolutionised my life.  It’s silly to think about it now, but I put off getting fitted for years when I shouldn’t have.  This was clear to me the day after I got my hearing aids when my wife Margaret and I took our usual walk along the river, and I heard all sorts of birds singing.  My sheer amazement at the noises I was hearing was met with astonishment by Margaret who had always been able to hear these sounds. I knew immediately that this new world of sound was going to make a huge improvement to my quality of life.

Mine is a hearing loss that’s probably the result of long-term noise exposure at work.  Years ago, in order to hear better, I was fitted with a single quite expensive hearing aid that was hopeless. It was so annoying that the top drawer of my desk was its permanent home, obviously signifying good intentions that didn’t work out.  That turned me off hearing aids for some years, of course.  My hearing gradually deteriorated and my hearing difficulties exacerbated along with it.  I could put it off no more and my hearing difficulties were not just a problem to me but to those around me as well.  All told, it took me around a decade to muster a real commitment to do something about it again.

Margaret had, of course, urged me to get hearing aids because she was tired of having to repeat herself and to be truthful, I was frustrated at having to constantly ask her what she’d just said.  Now I am angry at myself for not doing this sooner because they are sensational, and I’m urging friends who haven’t reached this stage to go and have a trial, because it sure is worth it.  Apart from the fact, of course, that I now feel the TV is up too loud.

If people around you are urging you to get your hearing seen to, I definitely recommend that you call the very friendly staff at Brad Hutchinson Hearing and find out what can happen for you to also improve your quality of life.  You won’t be sorry.

If you doubt the sincerity of what a difference these aids have made to my quality of life, call the staff at Brad Hutchinson Hearing, ask for my number and give me a call.  I will gladly tell you the true joy these hearing aids have provided for me.

Thank you Brad and Staff for the wonderful service you give to people like me.

Ron Kinkela


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