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How hearing aids have helped with my tinnitus and chronic migranes

Gidday, my name is Joanne Hayward, and I am a Chronic Migraine and Tinnitus suffer. My neurologist referred me to Brad Hutchinson Hearing where I was fortunate enough to be seen by audiologist Ana Marinova. Ana's testing showed minimal hearing loss, but nevertheless suggested that I trial hearing aids to help deal with the Tinnitus.

The benefit I received from the hearing aidsright from the start was wonderful in providing significant tinnitusrelief. I found my head was clearer, because I didn’t have a constant ringing in my head all the time.  This enabled me to focus, think and concentrate without distraction, because my mind was no longer having to tune into the perpetual ringing sound.

The hearing aids have been positive in many other ways as well.  As a person with some hearing loss, I hadn’t realized I was struggling to hear what people were saying.  My mind now was no longer having to work so hard to concentrate on what was being said.

I was also not aware of the many sounds around me in my everyday life that I was not hearing, like the movement of the leaves on trees, and rain hitting the ground.And in large open spaces, I am able to hear more clearly and process information with relative ease.

The chronic migraines, I feel definitely are better. The clarity in my head, and the ongoing treatment from my neurologist are lessening my weekly attacks. People who know me also have noticed huge positive improvements in my wellbeing.

It has been fantastic to receive this help. I would like to sincerely thank Ana and the staff at Brad Hutchinson Hearing for their care and support in helping to improve my quality of life.

Joanne Hayward.


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