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I’m a happier person now, less frustrated… I’m hearing better than before.

Lyn and John Wade

“I’ve talked with a lot of people who think they get away with being deaf. I identify with them, because I was one of them, thinking “she’ll be right, I can cope, I can get away with it”. This went on for about eight years. Now I wish I had been fitted eight years ago, because the positive change in my life is profound.

Even from the first time my aids were switched on, my immediate reaction was “Wow, I didn’t know it was going to be like this”. I’m a happier person now, less frustrated, I hear better in the car, and even when I’m aidless at the end of the day, I’m hearing better than before. My balance is improved. I’m hearing better in noise, including in cafes. The improvement in my sound localisation means I know who’s speaking and immediately turn in their direction instead of looking around to find the speaker. I can instantly locate a plane in the sky.

"I'm a happier person now, less frustrated.. I'm hearing better than before."

And Lynn’s noticed a big improvement too: the television isn’t blaring, for starters. The reality is I had to first-up accept that I had a hearing loss and then make the appointment to get my ears checked out. I wholeheartedly recommend the entire Brad Hutchinson Hearing experience. Having my hearing loss identified and then actually accepting that I had a hearing deficit would previously have been a big problem. But the staff at the clinic made me feel very welcome, and the process was an unexpected pleasure in the face of what was a very sensitive personal issue for me.

In writing this I’m encouraging everyone with a hearing problem to go to Brad’s clinic and have the high quality hearing check, because I can vouch for the positive change good hearing can have on lives.”

John Wade


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