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I'm not happy with second best

Mick Brazier with Brad Hutchinson

I’m pretty much retired now yet am suffering the consequences of working long-term in the noisy construction industry. In days past, hearing protection wasn’t on the agenda for me or my co-workers, so many of us are now paying the price.  As a plastering contractor, I employed up to 60 people at any one time, and it was about 20 years ago that I noticed I was having to get people to repeat what they’d said.  This was most noticeable in work discussions or meetings where there was a lot of the clatter bang of the building game going on around us.

But prior to those times, I guess I need to own up to the fact that as a young teenager, I was the lead singer in a rock-and-roll band in the UK. It seems ridiculous now with technology so advanced that at that time the speakers for the band were behind the band members, and blasted sound past us all before reaching the audience.  So the bass, lead and rhythm guitars and the drummer, who were all behind me, copped the full force of the deluge which would undoubtedly have impacted their hearing too.  I don’t think that musicians’ earplugs existed at that time either.

So the family has had to put up with a principal breadwinner whose occupations have ensured an industrial hearing loss. At home I needed the television up much louder than my wife Lisa and kids, and I used to get the odd complaint about it.  For me, even the extra amplification didn’t solve the problem of missing parts of the dialogue.  With some urging, I went and got fitted with hearing aids that weren’t really effective.  And I wasn’t impressed with the service either.  But it was at this time that I also started wearing hearing protection, better late than never.  Eventually I went to see Brad and was fitted with decent hearing aids.  When Brad was no longer working at that same hearing company, I tracked him down because I’m not happy with second best, I want to have access to the exemplary level of service that his company offers.   I am now fitted with the Rolls Royce of hearing aids, and am looked after by people I regard as the best in the business, and I can’t sing their praises too highly.

Can I recommend that if you want the best hearing services on offer, that you give the staff at Brad Hutchinson Hearing a call and make an appointment. I know how important it is to get the right help for hearing loss.

Mick Brazier


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