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"I'm right back in the thick of things, really enjoying life"

Lindsay Olman

“Hearing aids are as much about how well they are programmed as they are about the standard of technology itself. I know from years of painful experience with my hearing aids spending most of the time in the top drawer, that it’s very important to choose the audiologist fitting the hearing aid before settling on any hearing aid. And that’s the reason I’ve followed Brad Hutchinson to his new practice in Fitzgerald Street, North Perth.

I’m Lindsay Olman, a farmer from Mullewa. Through years of exposure to noisy machinery, a lightning strike, and several episodes of ill health, my hearing was poor and I was continually in trouble with family over my hearing status. Most people in the community were probably just too polite to point out to me that I wasn’t hearing very well. I had been pretty active in local community affairs, but I had to give all that away because I couldn’t tell what people were saying, particularly in groups or at meetings. It all sounded like ‘chook speak’ to me.

For the past few years I’ve been wearing top-of-the-line hearing aids fitted by Brad Hutchinson and I’m right back in the thick of things, really enjoying life. These hearing aids have allowed me to participate in discussions, even when there is a significant amount of background noise. People are really surprised when I show them my hearing aids, which I’m pretty proud of, because they are practically invisible and most people can’t see I’m wearing them.

My advice to anyone who really needs or wants to hear and join in on life, is to make an appointment for a trial of Brad’s hearing aids. Where others failed to help me in the past, these aids really work, I love them, and I’m grateful to have my life back.”

Lindsay Olman


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