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Now I’m really enjoying our dinner gatherings.

Peter Shack’s story:

Now I’m really enjoying our dinner gatherings.

I was fitted with hearing aids nearly a year ago and they have absolutely changed my life. Right after the fitting, I got into the car and drove off, and I remarked to my wife Becky, so that’s how the ‘flicker’ sounds! Within that first hour of wearing them, the new sensation of hearing well was instantly amazing.

I revisit the miracle often at home when I’m in the ensuite, not yet wearing my aids, and Becky speaks to me from the bedroom. Invariably I have to respond with Darling, I know you’re talking to me, but can you please wait until I put my aids in? They return to their box overnight and I am very happy for the good night’s sleep this allows.

My hearing loss became pretty evident at the regular dinner gatherings that take place once a week at our place. Becky and I have 6 children between us, so these aren’t quiet affairs, and it became very difficult to keep up with family chit-chat. I noticed I wasn’t able to follow the conversation. In response, I guess I showed early signs of withdrawing, moving aside to pour another glass of wine or undertaking rudimentary tasks in the kitchen, trying to be inconspicuous and hide the fact I wasn’t hearing well. Becky said I was really missing out, because everyone else was really enjoying themselves, talking and laughing together.

Watching TV was also somewhat contentious because I needed the amplification set at level 80, with the rest of the family comfortable on 16. I was turning into someone who wasn’t hearing too well, yet failing to really recognise the signposts. I have golfing mates who are still in that place, admitting that they need to do something yet carrying on regardless. What ultimately sparked my interest in hearing aids, though, was Becky pointing out the link between hearing loss and dementia. That was the catalyst for me to seek the help.

This was how I met Mel and Chris at Brad Hutchinson Hearing in Melville. They’re both very professional at their jobs and I have since let the boss know. There was no sense at any time of being pressured to buy, which was really refreshing, and I have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone with hearing problems.


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