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Ten signs of hearing loss

1. Trouble hearing on the telephone
Is your phone’s volume setting on maximum? If you find that you’ve been inching the volume up louder and louder, you may have hearing loss.


2. Trouble following a conversation when people are talking at the same time
Many people with hearing loss will begin to notice that if multiple people are talking at once (e.g. at a work meeting) it can become hard to keep up with the conversation or filter outcompeting noise.


3. Trouble hearing in noisy environments
Conversation in noisy environments like restaurants can become difficult. If it’s hard to filter out background noise, it might be time to have your hearing tested .


4. Others complain the TV is too loud

If you consistently need the TV turned up so loud that it’s uncomfortable for others in the room or if your neighbours can hear it, it’s time to get a hearing test .


5. You’re straining to hear conversations
Constantly straining to hear and follow conversations is exhausting. If a typical day of conversing with coworkers, friends and family leaves you with a headache or feeling physically fatigued, you may have a hearing loss.


6. You say “what?” a lot
We all occasionally need to ask for clarification, but if you find yourself having to ask people to repeat themselves regularly, it could mean that your brain isn’t receiving all the sounds it needs to be able to understand what others are saying, and it’s time to get a hearing test .


7. People don’t seem to speak clearly
High frequencies are the first to go, making it hard to hear speech clearly. If you feel like you can hear, but can’t understand, it’s time for a hearing test to see if you might have the beginnings of high frequency hearing loss.


8. You misunderstand what people say
This can be very embarrassing and often is a result of the beginnings of high frequency hearing loss.


9. You have trouble hearing children and women
With age, you’re most likely to start having trouble hearing high frequencies. This means that it will be harder to hear your granddaughter or wife than a male speaker.


10. Conversation is difficult and you become annoyed or frustrated
If you’re having trouble hearing clearly it’s easy to become frustrated at those around you. It’s normal to feel frustrated – but you’re probably not actually frustrated at those around you, but rather at the hearing loss that you’re beginning to notice



Do I have hearing loss?


If you recognise more than a few of the signs above, getting a hearing test is a good idea. The testing is easy and painless – click here to contact us to book an appointment.


Source: Healthy hearing

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