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Hearing aid prices

Just with any technology, there are affordable entry level hearing aid options right through to top of-the line options that are priced accordingly. The general rule of thumb with hearing aids is to buy the best technology you can reasonably afford.


Not all hearing devices are created equal - they range from basic hearing aids that amplify all sound, without discriminating between background noise and speech for example, through to premium“intelligent” aids that are able to filter background noise in social environments and that provide a wide range of lifestyle benefits beyond improved hearing.


People are by nature social creatures and so few are satisfied with basic hearing aids that are only really suitable for quiet, one-on-one conversations at home. If you lead a moderately to active social life, you’re likely to receive more benefit from at least mid-range technology which is designed to allow you to access more of that you want to hear and to filter out more of what you don’t want to hear. Click here to find out how to select the right hearing aids for you.


However, when it’s all said and done, the proof is in the pudding – if it works, use it, if it doesn’t, try another aid - which is why it’s important to have the option to trial hearing aids at home for a couple of weeks to see how they suit your lifestyle.

Government subsidised hearing aids


The Australian government offers a Hearing Services Program which enables Pensioners and Veterans to access free hearing services and digital hearing aids through accredited providers such as Brad Hutchinson Hearing.


Eligible Pensioners and Veterans receive:

  • a free comprehensive hearing assessment

  • a choice of free digital hearing aids or partially subsidised (upgraded technology) hearing aids

  • subsidised maintenance (including batteries) for your hearing aids


To determine your eligibility, contact our team on 9228 9928 and we can check for you or alternatively you can visit for more information about the program.


Private health fund rebates for hearing aids

If you have private health cover, we recommend that you contact your Provider to find out how much they will cover towards the cost of hearing aids. Most health funds rebate between $800 and $1,500 every couple of years towards hearing aids.


For further information, call us on 9228 9928 or complete the form below.


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