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Invisible hearing aid specialists

Gone are the days of clunky and uncomfortable hearing aids. The technology inside hearing aids is forever improving and yet they’re getting smaller and smaller. Invisible hearing aids, as the name suggests, are not visible when worn and tend to be ideal for mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

Brad Hutchinson Hearing is a provider of the world’s smallest and most comfortable hearing aids. Designed for an invisible fit, these aids reduce background noise and allow you to talk comfortably on the phone.


As invisible hearing aids are custom made devices, they are amongst the most challenging hearing aids to fit and programme well – but this is one of our areas of specialty. We take the necessary time to ensure you get optimal hearing benefit out of these tiny but very effective devices.


Invisible hearing aids are eligible for our free 2-week obligation free hearing aid trial. When you visit our clinic for your comprehensive hearing assessment, your hearing provider will take an impression of your ear canal so that the device/s can be custom-made for you.


Keen to try hearing aids to see how they work for you?

Sign up to our free 2 week at home trial.

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