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Brad Hutchinson

Principal Audiologist

Having worked as an audiologist for over 30 years, Brad is recognized as a leading expert in the hearing industry, specializing in hearing rehabilitation, hearing aids, auditory processing, diagnostic testing, tinnitus and chronic cough treatment.

He has a reputation for being meticulous, a good listener, an excellent communicator and is well-liked by all. When starting Brad Hutchinson Hearing with his mother Carole, the pair set out to create a truly client-centred hearing company which focused on quality service, knowledgeable and caring clinicians, generous appointment times, state-of-the-art technology and “always striving to exceed expectations”.


Thea Halliday


Thea completed a Diploma in Hearing Device Prescription and Evaluation in 2011 and has since been working with adults in hearing rehabilitation and diagnostic testing. She has a keen interest in providing the finest possible care to those with a hearing disability, using her tertiary training to enable the best of outcomes.

Thea says “I consider myself very fortunate to work with the Brad Hutchinson Hearing team as I believe them to be the most dedicated and ethical group of professionals I have worked with.” And the feeling is certainly mutual – Thea fit into the Brad Hutchinson Hearing team seamlessly and is well respected for her high standards, excellent clinical knowledge and the ease with which she interacts with clients.


Ana Marinova


Ana draws her passion for helping the hard-of-hearing from her own life experiences in dealing with communication difficulties and her love of music! She enjoys working with children as well as with adults and is interested in the holistic journey in hearing healthcare. For many years, Ana has been involved in a variety of audiology work including hearing loss prevention, pre and post-surgery assessments, adult hearing rehabilitation and, in particular, improving quality of life for the hard-of-hearing through hearing aid fitting.  She has also worked alongside many of Perth’s ENT Specialists and has an excellent knowledge of common (and less common) conditions of the ear.  Ana graduated with a Masters in Clinical Audiology from the University of Western Australia in 2007, having completed some of her university training under the supervision of Brad Hutchinson. Ana has been a highly valued member of the Brad Hutchinson Hearing team for many years.


Pallavi Hegde


Pallavi completed her Masters of Audiology and Speech Pathology in 2001 and has since been involved in various roles including tertiary teaching, research, paediatric and adult diagnostics, implantable technology, neonatal diagnosis, work cover and adult rehabilitation.

Pallavi says “I have always wanted to help people improve their quality of life. Audiology gives me the opportunity to fulfil my life goal. It gives me immense pleasure and happiness to meet people at various stages of life, dealing with challenging hearing issues and helping them hear better, improving their lifestyle and confidence within themselves. Every day is a new challenge and every person I meet provides me with a new learning experience. I love my profession with absolute passion!”. Pallavi is an asset to the Brad Hutchinson Hearing team as her passion is matched by her knowledge, experience and caring nature.

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