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Civil engineer, Ranjit Sandhu with Audiologist Brad Hutchinson

It took constant reminders from my wife Gurjit for me to come to terms with the fact that I needed hearing aids. I’d worked in the construction industry for a long time and I also liked loud music. The outcome was that I now needed the TV up too loud for everyone else in the household and this meant that I often ended up not watching at all. Gurjit was having to repeat herself and at times was annoyed that either I wasn’t listening, I was listening selectively, or I was disinterested in the conversation. Alternatively, on occasion she would have a good laugh at the response I provided, which was, of course, reflecting what I’d heard, and that wasn’t always what others were talking about!

In general conversation or in meetings that I’d chair at work, it was really embarrassing having to ask someone, especially external parties, to repeat what they’d said. I would lip-read but still struggled to understand and keep the thread of the discussion. My colleagues didn’t complain that I asked them to repeat themselves but it must have been irritating for them.

When eventually I took the plunge, I went to Brad Hutchinson Hearing because I’d seen reports from many people in similar situations to me and how well they’d fared at this clinic. I wasn’t disappointed. Here I found all that I was looking for in terms of advice, technical knowledge and skill, and excellent follow-up support and care. I was seen by audiologist, Lisa Giles, who is very professional in her work. I took the aids home for a week and found that they changed my life. At first I was overwhelmed as I could hear everyone loud and clear, including during meetings. I also heard birds singing, sharp and crisp sounds of water in the wash room and felt that this was life at a different level. And I just can’t explain how much enjoyment I now have listening to music and how much I’ve missed this over the years.

Can I recommend to anyone having hearing problems that they don’t put it off any longer, and go and see the very professional staff at Brad Hutchinson Hearing to get first hand expert advice for a meaningful life with better hearing.

Ranjit Sandhu




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