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I'm absolutely rapt with my new hearing aids!

Wayne Davis with Brad Hutchinson

My name is Wayne Davis and I am retired now after a history of Army service followed by 39 years in the mining industry as a training officer, exposed to a lot of machinery noise.  I needed to hear better to really have a chance of enjoying my retirement.

A few years ago I was fitted with hearing aids but they did me no good at all.  I think a lot of people don’t like hearing aids because of this sort of poor experience.   My partner Shelley is softly spoken, and our conversations continued as before with me asking her to repeat herself, which we both found pretty irritating.  Also, I’d paid a lot of money for top-notch hearing aids, and I therefore assumed that they were giving me the best outcome I could expect with my hearing loss, but put simply, they really weren’t improving anything much at all.  With my old aids it was still very difficult to have a flowing conversation because of my constant need for repeats of what was said.  At times I still got the message wrong as anyone with a hearing loss will know that dialogue can be tough to understand if you aren’t in a perfect listening environment.  Eventually Shelley got tired of being asked what she’d just said, which led her to cut out Brad’s ad from the paper and hand it to me.

Since my first appointment at Brad’s clinic, I haven’t looked back.  This new hearing aid fittinghas changed both our lives.  The aids are what I call “100%”.   Now we can happily and confidently talk to each other without the need for repeats, and I am absolutely rapt.   And I want to say to anyone who has had a bad experience in the past with hearing aids to come to these people because they are definitely different.  I don’t think you’ll be sorry.

Wayne Davis


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