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“My hearing aids mean I can laugh at jokes and join in on conversations.”

Remo and Joan Veletta

“My name is Remo Veletta and my wife is Joan, and we want to tell our story to encourage other people who need help with their hearing to go and see Brad.

I worked as a stone quarrier and supplier in the Toodyay area for 20 years, with blasting and truck noise happening every day, so I was exposed to a lot of noise over that time. But I didn’t get hearing aids right away when I started to notice that I wasn’t hearing so well. Like a lot of people, I thought that I was too young for hearing aids. Even after having a hearing test about four years earlier which showed I needed them, I wasn’t interested in hearing aids because I didn’t want other people to see me as old. Instead, I stayed at home and wouldn’t go out anywhere because I felt embarrassed that people would speak to me and I wouldn’t know what they were saying. Joan wasn’t happy with this because her hearing is OK and she didn’t want to stay home all the time. If I was forced to go out, say to a relative’s wedding, I had to ask people to repeat themselves and that was so humiliating. And Joan also got sick and tired of having to say everything twice or three times. I actually said “Uh?” a lot to everybody, and my six year old grandson told everyone that: “Grandpa only knows one word, “Uh?”

Brad’s given me my life back with my marvelous hearing aids, and of course Joan also feels she’s got her life back too. I’m sure I even look younger now I’m wearing hearing aids, because I can laugh at jokes and join in on conversations. Joan and I can go out together and enjoy ourselves without any problem. We both want to thank Brad and the staff at Brad Hutchinson Hearing for the wonderful service they provide. I can thoroughly recommend that anyone with hearing loss should go and see these people to get excellent service and the best hearing aids.”

Remo Veletta


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