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Socialising is good now

Farmer Brian Hasson with audiologist, Melanie Atkinson.

My sons have taken over running our Ballidu farm since I retired after nearly 60 years in the job, although I still help out when needed.   Like most farmers of that time, I didn’t really know much in the beginning about protecting my hearing and I probably thought it was a joke when rifle shooting left my ears ringing, sometimes for days afterwards.  There was never any thought of wearing ear muffs in workshops, using power tools, or driving the noisy, open cabin Chamberlain that I was so proud to own. Looking back I guess I just felt that not hearing well was part and parcel of the legacy of farming.

But my move into the city meant I needed to be able to hear conversations to really get into my new lifestyle.  That didn’t prove so easy and at the golf club, I needed to make up for myself what people were saying, both in the clubrooms and on the golf course.  To make it worse, out on the course, wind noise interfered even more with my ability to hear what was being said. Family members had been dropping hints and my daughter-in-law let me know that at times I didn’t respond correctly to what she had said.  My friends were complaining too about having to constantly repeat themselves.  My next-door neighbour, George, who is softly spoken and has an accent, was a real challenge.  At times I could see by the look on his face that he knew I hadn’t understood what he’d said to me.  My hearing loss had reached a tipping point and it was time to do something.

I’d seen ads in the paper for Brad Hutchinson Hearing saying how well many people had done with their hearing aids, so I booked an appointment to see Melanie.  From day one when my hearing aids were fitted, I haven’t looked back.  I’m no longer embarrassed at not being able to hear, and people have commented on how well I’m hearing. It’s a pleasure to spend time at the 19th hole now – I actually get the jokes and can have a good laugh!

It was a great decision to go with the best hearing aids to make sure I stood a good chance of being successful, and Melanie is wonderful at her job.  Thanks to everyone at Brad Hutchinson Hearing for making this experience something I can look back on very happily.

Farmer, Brian Hasson


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