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"These hearing aids have given us our lives back."

Peter Wyder

“I read farmer Lindsay Olman’s story in the paper and thought he was right about choosing the Audiologist before the hearing aid. I’ve experienced what seems to be a common story, with my hearing aids sitting in the proverbial top drawer for the last couple of years. Communication was difficult. I couldn’t wear them, they were just too uncomfortable, like a brick in my ear, and they didn’t help me hear well anyway. But now I’m proudly wearing new hearing aids prescribed by Brad and it’s a very different story. Both my wife Jean and I feel these hearing aids have given us our lives back.

My history isn’t much different from a lot of people with industrial hearing loss. I worked as an engineer in a noisy factory, and was a drummer in a band in my youth. We knew nothing about protecting our hearing. I enjoyed my work and loved my music and didn’t realise this could impact so much on my later life.

Now I’m retired and need to hear well, to enable me to do lots of meaningful volunteer work. I am a guide with the Rottnest Volunteer Guide Association and it’s really important for me to be able to respond to questions and join in on conversation while conducting a tour.

My wife and I are studying the Sanskrit language where it’s vital to be able to hear and pronounce minute sound variations well. I also belong to a meditation group and was very surprised to hear for the first time the sound of running water from a fountain in the courtyard – it’s probably been there making that soft trickling noise since I joined.

Best of all for me, two days after being fitted with my new hearing aids, I attended an orchestral concert and was so impressed with my new ability to hear the full and rich sounds of the music, I turned my aids on and off a few times just to hear the difference. It was amazing.

I’m very happy to have met Brad and his staff and it’s fantastic to be hearing well again. I can’t recommend this hearing centre highly enough to anyone wanting a fresh start with their hearing.”

Peter Wyder


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