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We were gobsmacked by our hearing aid experiences!

Susy and Roger with Brad Hutchinson

Susy and Roger are former wheat and sheep farmers from Narembeen. Roger was subjected to a lot of noise working on the farm but he didn’t notice he had hearing loss. He felt it was Susy who was always saying “Pardon”, never hearing anything.  

“When Susy decided to have a hearing appointment, I booked in for a test too and that’s

when I found out about my terrible hearing,” said Roger.

According to Susy, the catalyst for having the test was her Sister telling her that she needed to constantly repeat herself.

“It was difficult for me to understand what was being said and I was always a few seconds behind the conversation. My brain was stressed just paying attention, trying to work out what was said and processing the information before I could respond. It’s very tiring.

“My hearing lossis likely familial because I have had hearing problems for at least ten years.  And of course I went dancing in Perth where the music was absolutely booming.

“In my last job working with educationally disengaged teenagers, (kids who don’t tend to face you when they are speaking and who don’t articulate clearly), I thought it was just their mode of communication that was responsible for my inability to hear them. In the classroom setting too, I found it quite difficult to cope with what was being said,” said Susy.

“My hearing aids have been a big hit at home, with lots of jokes about how nobody can talk behind my back now. And where I used to have trouble hearing in cafes, my son was delighted when I had my back to him in a café and I turned around and responded to him. This was a real milestone,” Suzy said.

"I no longer feel like a doddery old person, and I’m really participating fully in life."

"With our hearing aid fittings, Roger and I were utterly gobsmacked with our immediate positive experiences. We hear clearer now.  I wish I had done this while I was working.  My experience with my Father In Law’s hearing aids wasn’t good but coming to Brad Hutchinson Hearing has changed our lives because of the professionalism that’s clearly on show.  Our advice to anyone with hearing lossis - don’t put it off any longer as life can be completely different for you too. It’s really great,” said Susy.

Susy and Roger Padfield


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