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Why didn't I do this earlier!

Harvey and Brad Hutchinson

As a farmer I’ve been exposed to noisy machinery since I was a youngster.  In the early years we made our own equipment using angle grinders, banging and hammering, and of course chain saws.  Then there was the usual rifle use without any hearing protection, shooting foxes and rabbits, with Mum making rabbit stew from what we shot. 

At around age 60 my hearing lossreally started to show itself, and I was having trouble hearing my wife Diane, especially when we were driving.   That was a problem indeed when Diane was navigating and I was supposed to be understanding directions.  Once we were driving down the Kwinana Freeway to a doctor’s appointment, in good time of course, but because I couldn’t make out what she was saying, we missed the turnoff and had to drive kilometres down the road to get to the next exit.  Needless to say, we ran late.  It gets pretty annoying for everyone involved when it’s hearing loss that’s causing the miscommunication.

I’d had hearing aidsbefore and simply gave up on them when they no longer allowed me to hear what was said in a number of environments.  Then life overtook me, Diane was frustrated at trying to have a conversation with me, and I felt guilty at seemingly not trying hard enough.  She’d have to come right into my shed to get my attention instead of being able to stand at the door and call out.  It was also evident that I was missing out on talking with my granddaughters who are now 10 and 12, as I had real trouble having a conversation with them because of their very soft voices.  Talking to the grandchildren is something that I think most grandpas wouldn’t appreciate missing out on, because we all know that they grow up so fast and the moment is soon lost.  After a couple of years of this, I decided it was time to do something about it.

I went to see Brad and wasn’t disappointed.  I am now wearing a pair of hearing aids that mean I’m back confidently joining in on conversations.  It makes me wonder why I didn’t do this earlier.  Thanks to Brad and the team at Brad Hutchinson Hearing, life is more interesting and fulfilling; I’m happy and the family is happy too.

Semi-retired farmer Harvey Morrell


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