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Extending the longevity of hearing aids

Just like a car, hearing aids need regular servicing and tuning (reprogramming) to keep them functioning at their best. After all, they are tiny computers that live in or around the moist and warm environment of an ear canal!

Hearing aids should be serviced at least annually or as soon as you feel that the hearing aid isn’t working to its former standard. We would like to invite private clients to take advantage of a limited-time offer to have your hearing aids serviced, firmware upgraded (if needed), your hearing tested and hearing aids reprogrammed for only $90.00. Government clients are entitled to a free annual servicing every 12 months.

Why is this servicing appointment important? Firstly, to extend the longevity of your aids and second, many clients report much improved hearing following their hearing aid servicing appointment.

Call our team on 9228 9928 to make a booking.


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