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Music returned to my life

I worked in the aircraft industry for 30 years up until 1999, with wearing hearing protection made mandatory for only the last 8-10 years of that period. So my ears took quite an assault although hearing tests done onsite over the years didn’t tend to reflect this. Nevertheless, hearing loss eventually caught up with me. At home the TV was up full-bore and conversations were difficult because I needed to constantly ask for repeats.

My first pair of hearing aids which my wife Gwen encouraged me to get weren’t a big

success, and the company that fitted them closed up business before I had a chance for a one year check-up.

That’s how I came to meet Brad who I have since learned is a very much established part

of the hearing industry in WA. I can see why, as just for starters, he actually listened to

what I wanted and his programming of the aids achieved good sound balance so that I

knew what people were saying and could participate in discussions. Music had been an

important part of my life before the deterioration in my hearing, with that enjoyment

disappointingly caput for years. With the new fitting, while I was in the chair Brad asked

what song I’d like to hear and I suggested Elton John’s “Song for Guy”, which he played for me. When I heard it, I could hardly credit the quality of sound that these new hearing

aids provided. There are wind chimes in the background of this piece which I hadn’t been able to hear for quite some time, knowing full well it was there. How good it is to have this enjoyment returned to my life.

Brad has looked after me very well. He listened to what I wanted, he didn’t promise to

restore my hearing to how it was when I was young, but saw to it that I now have the best opportunity to hear possible for me.

Rodney Babel



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