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A real transformation in my quality of life!

When I saw Brad again two weeks after having my hearing aid fitted, I told him that I couldn’t explain why I’d put it off for so long. The hearing aid has made such an amazing difference that it truly has transformed my quality of life.

I have what’s known as single-sided deafness, with my other ear still hearing well enough. You’d be surprised what a difference one ear compared to two can make. Besides understanding what my wife Julie was discussing at home, and we all know that hearing is a family affair, my biggest hearing difficulty was in environments with competing background noise like gatherings and dinners. Until the fitting, I’d pretty much try to avoid such challenging situations.

Before being fitted with my new hearing aid, I constantly felt dizzy and out of balance, which was really unnerving. On top of that, I was suffering with relentless tinnitus where I heard a combination of my own heartbeat, the sound of waves in the ocean and white noise in my bad ear every waking minute. I was also experiencing what’s known as hyperacusis, which is a real aversion to loud noise. With all that going on, it’s difficult for me now to figure out just how I coped.

And now, without the aid in my ear, I feel like there is a black hole until the hearing is restored by inserting the aid, and what relief that brings. My balance comes back at the same time and I feel much steadier. The tinnitus becomes almost imperceptible.

To anyone who has similar hearing issues to mine, I’d recommend that you go and see an audiologist at Brad Hutchinson Hearing to find out for yourself how much better life can be with hearing aids. Again, I have to say that I don’t know why I waited so long.


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