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Help for tinnitus sufferers

Many people experience a bit of tinnitus every now and then which can sound like ringing, buzzing, clicking, crickets or roaring sounds, even heartbeats. While some people take little notice, the effects can be quite debilitating for others. These unwelcome noises can result in difficulties concentrating, in relaxing and some suffer sleep deprivation.

It’s a good idea to avoid loud sounds (which are often unpleasant for tinnitus sufferers anyway) and to also stay clear of quiet environments which tend to make the tinnitus seem louder and more noticeable. During the day it can help to have music playing in the background and in bed at night to have a bedside noise generator playing quiet sounds to distract your attention from the annoying sounds.

There are many causes of tinnitus; the most common is hearing loss, even if it’s only minimal and sometimes undetected by the sufferer. In some cases tinnitus causes stress and anxiety in a person’s life which can seemingly exacerbate the condition.

Sufferers will be pleased to know that tinnitus treatment options are now more effective than ever so contact our team for further information.


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