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The best hearing test I've ever had!

Peter Treen with Brad Hutchinson

I said to Brad as I was leaving his clinic room that I’d never had a hearing test like that before, it was so professional. It isn’t hard to see why this clinic exceeds many people’s expectations. They just do everything better, and you can tell that’s the case as soon as you walk in the door.

I lost my hearing I guess through 25 years of service in the Royal Navy, with 18 years spent in the noisy engine room of submarines. It wasn’t for many years that the military chiefs recognised hearing loss that was caused by our service and paid us a small pension.

When you get your hearing restored through a great hearing aid fitting, it’s amazing how much of an improvement there is in your quality of life. I now feel as though my hearing is back to normal, albeit with the help of hearing aids. I listen to the television at level 14 instead of 34, and my wife Pam asks me to turn the volume up, and that’s quite a turn-around.

What I’m really noticing though is that socialising is much better than I’ve been able to enjoy in years, and at a Christmas in July function this year in a big room with lots of tables with many people talking, I could converse with my neighbour. My old hearing aids wouldn’t have allowed this, because what I heard with them was, say, a woman’s voice from 5 tables away, and lots of buzzing noise in the aids themselves. It was an awful strain to hear what anyone near me was saying, and let’s face it, this does convince you to stay home instead of going out at times, because it’s just so hard to have a conversation. It’s a real bonus to have my hearing back now so that I can go out, participate in whatever’s happening and enjoy myself.

I would thoroughly recommend that if you have hearing loss that stops you from enjoying life as much as you would like, go and see the people at Brad Hutchinson Hearing so they can help you hear well.

Peter Treen



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